We have various other special cables in our range in addition to PUR data and power cables. Some cables that are popular with our customers are:


  • twisted pair cables (TB22 FLEX)
  • high-flex PUR/PUR cables for overhead doors (TB24 FLEX)
  • cables with different conductor sections, hybrid cables (TB19 FLEX)
  • single-core PUR cables for earthing applications (TB17 FLEX)
  • very robust and abrasion-resistant cable with TPE-E sheath for the toughest conditions (TB18 FLEX)

Most special cables are in stock and available directly.

TB17 FLEX - PUR single core cable for grounding - LiF11Y / LiF11Y11Y
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TB19 FLEX - PUR hybrid data power cable - LiF12Y11Y
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TB24 FLEX - PUR highly flexible data cable for overhead doors - LiF11Y11Y
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TB18 FLEX - TPE-E power cable - LiF12Y12Y
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TB22 FLEX - PUR data cable shielded, twisted pair - LiF12Y-D-11Y
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TB05 - PUR flat oval modular cable - Li9Y11Y
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