• Flexible power cable with PUR sheath, suitable for medium to heavy mechanical applications
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, suitable for use in humid and wet environments
  • Temperature range: -40° tot +80°C (fixed installation)
  • Good for flexible use with continuous movement under harsh conditions
  • Resistant to many chemicals, greases, lubricants and corrosive substances and therefore particularly suitable for use in greasy and chemical environments
  • High resistance to indentation, tearing and abrasion
  • Very robust cables often used for tools, industrial machines, robotics, production line transfer, (agricultural) construction machines, etc.
  • Often used in electrical engineering, machine and plant construction, on construction sites, for industrial and agricultural purposes, etc.
TB28 FLEX - PUR power cable - H05BQ-F / H07BQ-F
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TB19 FLEX - PUR power cable - LiF12Y11Y
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TB17 FLEX - PUR single core cable - LiF11Y / LiF11Y11Y
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