• Flexible PUR data cable with shielding, consisting of fine copper wires lap shielding that counteract electromagnetic interference and disturbances
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, suitable for use in humid and wet environments
  • Temperature rsnge: -40° tot +80°C (fixed installation)
  • Highly suitable for flexible use with high (bending) loads where interference-free data and signal transmission is very important
  • Very robust cables often used for measurement and control technology, drives, sensors, data and signal transmission, telecommunications, medical technology, etc.
  • Often used for mobile machines and tools, computers, medical systems, measuring devices, etc.
TB50 FLEX - PUR data cable shielded - LiF12Y-D-11Y
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TB20 FLEX - PUR data cable partly shielded- LiF12Y-xD-11Y
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TB22 FLEX - PUR data cable shielded, twisted pair - LiF12Y-D-11Y
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TB51 FLEX - PUR data cable shielded, UL - LiF12Y-D-11Y
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