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Special shaped coiled cables

When the regular shape of coiled cable does not fit the application or meet your requirement we have the possibility to manufacture some special shaped coiled cables. This gives us the opportunity to offer an even wider range of solutions to very specific engineering challenges. For example PA-tubed coiled cables are very helpful when a cable on its own is not suitable for coiling. Or perhaps a multiple coiled cable can be useful when an extra fixing point or a movement over 2 axes is needed.

2-fold coiled cable

TBS-2-fold-coiled-cable  Two interconnected coiled cables, each with different internal/external diameters. 

Conical coiled cable

TBS-conical-coiled-cable This coiled cable has a conical shape. In retracted state the single windings nest in each other, which makes it possible to apply this coiled cable when only limited installation height is available. Applicable in very confined spaces, for example when sensors are attached afterwards.

Multiple coiled cable

TBS-multiple-coiled-cable Multiple coiled cables are spiral cables with one ore more straight cable parts in between the coiled parts. Two (or more) coils with an intermediate length of straight cable. This configuration can be very applicable for coiled cables which have one or more fixed center sections or when the coiled cable has to extend over two or more axes.

Nested coiled cables

TBS-nested-coiled-cables Two coiled cables, coiled separately in opposite directions (optional) are nested together as one coiled cable. Entangling of the coiled cables is prevented because of the opposite coiling directions of the cables.

This is an efficient and space saving solution for different types of coiled cables in one single application.

PUR solid coiled cable for safety applications

TBS-safety-cable  Coiled cable with a stranded stainless steel core with a PUR jacket. Very high notch, tear an cut resistance.
The main application for these safety spiral cables is preventing all kinds of stuff from falling down and creating hazardous situations.
Often applied at industrial, building, theater and construction sites, as travel- and outdoorequipment, for rescue and salvage forces.
There are several possibilities for the fixation of the coiled cables such as nylon cords, carabiners, crimped or screwed loops, belt loops.

Tubed coiled cable

TBS-tubed-coiled-cable One or more cables are pulled into a tube (PA or PUR) and then coiled. With this configuration a large extension ratio of the coiled cable is obtained as well as the possibility to coil cable types, that are basically not suitable for coiling. For example as an application in which high-temperature resistant single core cables have to be coiled.

Twin coiled cable

TBS-twin-coiled-cable Twin coiled cable consisting of two (or more) parallel cables. Two cables are attached to each other with cable ties (optional) and coiled parallel to each other.

This coiled cable offers the possibility of two basically different cable types to be combined into one coiled cable assembly, instead of engineering and manufacturing a complete new hybrid cable.

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