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The school for the children of Angkorsor

TBS-thin-luu War, oppression, genocide, famine, fear and despair drove Thin Luu 28 years ago to flee Cambodia. Barely adult himself he took his three younger brothers under his wing and together they ended up in a refugee camp in Thailand. There they lived in appalling conditions for 1,5 years after which they were invited to come to our country by the Dutch Government. In The Netherlands Thin took care of his younger brothers and was responsible for their education. Thin had lessons in the Dutch language and was training to be a welder. At that time The Best Solution was a metalworking company and in 1988 Thin joined as a welder. Currently Thin is our production manager and a very valued employee. Thin married a Dutch woman and has two wonderful sons. However, Cambodia still has a special place in his heart and whilst he would like to live and work there to help and care for its people but his current family situation does not permit that. The Best Solution and Thin supported the foundation Kuntha Bopha financially and together they realized a dam near the birthplace of Thin. At the end of 2010, the director of The Best Solution, Joep de Pont, visited this project together with Thin. They met Thin’s family and the local people. They were very impressed by this poverty-stricken country and at that moment we decided to extend our support.

Since 1999 , which was the first full year in Cambodia without fighting in 30 years, the Cambodian economy began to grow again because of reforms. However, the government faces a major challenge for the future. The civil war and subsequent genocide affected the Cambodian population greatly with 50% of the population being younger than 22 years of age. They are the future of Cambodia but the lack of schools and education in rural areas creates serious problems for the near future.

TBS-logos During a visit to his native village, Angkorsor,  in December 2012 Thin found the local school half collapsed and in desperate need of  help. We therefore took the initiative to build a new school in Angkorsor in cooperation with the SSCR, Stichting Scholenproject Cambodja Rotterdam, and Wilde Ganzen (Wild Geese), who have accompanied us and supported us financially. We have created a new school in Angkorsor, with the cooperation of Stichting de Brug. The local population had to make sure that the land was available for free and they had to pay the workers themselves. If the population could not contribute any money than they could help with the construction. In this way the involvement of the people of Angkorsor was guaranteed which was the best basis to ensure community involvement in the construction and future of the school.
We could not think of a more positive twist from such a harsh beginning for Thin and we are excited and confident that we have found a charity where our funding is well spent and actually reaches its destination.On behalf of the children of Angkorsor we would like to thank everyone who sympathizes with this project and we would like to thank especially everyone who has supported us financially. TBS-people-of-angkorsor
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